All specials served with Salad and Garlic Bread

PRIME RIB w/ large Baked Potato

Pizza Roma was founded in 2000 by two high school friends, Ed and Rick, who both grew up near the Woodstock area. Ed - who loves to eat, and Rick - who loves to cook, wanted to bring their passions together to open a restaurant that would offer Portlanders high-quality, gourmet-style pizza that was both affordable and convenient. The two wanted to not only cater to the “pizza aficionado” but also provide a great neighborhood place for families. 

The owners spent months visiting all of the top pizza restaurants in the city—taking note of what was good about each venue—to create their own recipes. It was tough work having to eat pizza, salads, and sandwiches, then wash it down with some of the finest beers offered in Portland (torture), but they dedicated themselves to this difficult research task.

Once Ed and Rick agreed on the concept and menu, they moved forward with opening the restaurant. They brought on Ed’s wife, Jaymi, to organize and train a friendly, competent crew who would uphold the level of culinary quality they desired. The combination of a great menu, friendly help, and a comfortable setting ensured that Pizza Roma would be one of the premier pizza restaurants not only in the Woodstock community but also throughout the Portland metro area.  

In 2005, Roma Coliseum was born after the record store that occupied the other half of the building closed shop. The expansion allowed Pizza Roma to offer a full service sports bar combined with the incredible culinary delights of the pizza restaurant. The name hails from the Italian theme of “food and games” promoted by the Romans at the original Coliseum in Rome.

Roma Coliseum offers a full bar combined with 22 beers on tap. The “video stimulus” is top notch with several large TVs and three 120-inch HD projector screens. Patrons can order from the extensive Pizza Roma menu in addition to the Happy Hour specials. Grab a drink and settle into one of the six new hand-built booths that furnish USB plugs for your high-speed WI-FI devices.

It’s hard to beat all that Pizza Roma has to offer. Please come visit us! We hope you become one of our many regular customers.

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